Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Erasmus English and Tuesday's Top Ten

Posted by Christoph

Hey there :)

How do you like the new blog design? I'm still trying to figure everything out and I will make some slight changes, design wise, as soon as I can.
I'm pretty psyched though! It feels more like a real blog now :)
Let me know what you think!

Want to hear a funny story? I really wanted to write a blog-post today. 
I thought, why not for once do something short and light-hearted, like a list of random thoughts and foolish things.
Then I thought: Hey maybe you could make this to be a regular thing! Like every Tuesday post a list like this and it should have a cool alliterated name, like Tuesday... Tuesday's Top Ten! And as I basked in the glow of this wonderfully cheesy name I realized:
One of my favourite bloggers does the exact same thing! I already new that the list idea was from him. I swear though, I didn't realize before I finished the thought that his list is actually called Tuesday's Top Ten.
Check his blog out, it's awesome: www.joshweed.com or find it in the menu under "Featured" - "The Weed"
I guess I have to come up with something a little more original. Next time:

1) Have you ever listened to a song for the millionth time and all of sudden, become incredibly smitten with it? Before you maybe didn't even notice it between other favourites on an album and the next moment it's like BAM! Where have you been, love?
And the most ridiculous things too sometimes, maybe the sound of a snare, the use of a certain fill/riff, extremely well done and well hidden background vocals, you name it.
Today I've been listening to "Hallelujah Jesus" by Monk&Neagle. Listen from 3:00 on and pay attention to the background vocals - the solist. You almost can't hear her, but she's insanely good!

2) I've had a nice experience with Erasmus English today. That's a nice term for the crappy, funny and sometimes even scary type of English we non-natives sometimes use.
Today's revelation: Never say "and then we started doing it". Say "and then we started doing the dishes" etc. What struck me most though is that there just isn't a shorter way. 

3) Lonely Planet's books are full of alliterations. I do like them, I really do. But LP seems to love them so much, they'd probably marry it. And call their children Audrey Alexandra Annabelle and Micah Michael Morgan.

4) Not everyday do you receive an e-mail from a person you'd like to join for an internship, at 22:21 concerning some difficulties I might encounter and trying to solve them. It is very likely that I'd reply at around midnight. But to actually get another answer back at 00:15 boggles my mind. Dear anonymous, you're amazing!

5) A considerable number of sloths (the actual animal) dies every year because they confuse their own arms with a branch they can hold on to - causing them to fall to their death. I'm not sure if I'm laughing or crying with this one!

German will follow soon this time - I hope! :)