Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pause for Thought: Snow

Posted by Christoph

Some of you might be thinking now: Snow in August? Where for the love of God are you?
If you're a frequent reader however you might be able to recall my quoting a book called "Snow" a while ago. It's a book by Orhan Pamuk that a friend gave to me and I can recommend reading it, even though I continue to have mixed feelings about it.
It is so full of insight into Turkish culture and its difficulties in relating to the west, full of unmasked and unromanticised human interaction, full of interesting quotes, so much that I can't help but bring them up.
Go ahead and read it if you're looking for a new book to read. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it ;)

You don't need to know much of the storyline for this one. There is this young religious boy Necip who helps the main character in one instance and they sort of become friends. Our main character is a writer, a poet to be exact, and has lived in Germany for many years before returning to Turkey. 

Anyway, so Necip says: 
"A writer should be able to write about anything. If I were a writer I'd like to write about everything that people didn't talk about."

There is nothing to be added here, is there?
I'd like to talk about things that people usually don't talk about.
Which is why I'm going to bring up this today: 

Porn and its ramifications is not really something many people speak about. In fact, that's not entirely true. People seem to have become more and more aware of it, yet still it is a widespread but unfortunately widely ignored topic. 
I'm not going into a detailed rant about all of it. The video sums up how porn messes with your head in big and dangerous ways and it'd be better to keep your hands off that stuff. Let's share this one, because it's important.  

I'll break another taboo now and tell you that I'm struggling with this. I'm not going to put it in perspective now by bombarding you with statistics of how I'm just a guy and that seems to be what guys do. I don't want to hide behind that. 
That video however, does not only speak of destruction and bad habits, it gives hope. A hope of being rewired. And I've experienced healing little by little. I do believe though, that true change can only come with being honest. I'm so scared of being this honest right here and now, but none of us will gain anything from my hiding away the truth. No, only truth will set us free.

The good news is that change is possible. In society and in ourselves. 
That is also the 'original' Good News. Jesus came to bring love, justice and righteousness.
He brought it in his death on the cross. Change no longer needs my hopeless endeavors, no, my endeavors have hope, because Jesus already brought change. 


Dieser Post heute wird nur in Englisch bleiben. Das war ursprünglich nicht so gedacht, aber das Video oben das als zentrale Stelle dient ist auf Englisch, leider kompliziert, weil es wissenschaftlich ist und schwierig für mich zu übersetzen. Außerdem würde das lange dauern und wäre weniger interessant. Tut mir Leid, nächstes Mal wieder!