Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Poems

Posted by Christoph

Nach einer etwas längeren Abwesenheit, melde ich mich zurück mit 2 Gedichten. Leider sind beide nur auf Englisch. Das erste werd ich mal übersetzen denk ich. Die Kreativität kommt einfach, wie sie kommt. Tut mir Leid! :)

What If

What if I did this or that and then?
This means I better don't do that, then.
Should cause no problems for me, then.

Yes and no life for me, then.


God, I'm so tired!
So tired of myself.
Self-centered efforts, trying to be better.
Wouldn't it be best if all this just stopped?
Stop the lies, the injustice, the greed.
Greedily I jump through hoops for any kind of attention.
My attention is soon on anything, 
but often on not anything of importance.
Important things are often left undone.
Undone is how I feel, but not in a good sense.
Too clear I sense the chafing of my chains.
Chain reactions of stupidity ensue.
Sue me if you want, I'm utterly defenseless.
Never quite able to defend myself less.
Less and less I feel a much-needed certainty,
that hope will come, come so certainly.
hope, hope-full and hope-lessly I wait,
waiting is hard when your sky is all grey,
grey is the blanket that covers my eyes.
Eye for an eye it takes away my sight,
sightless I wander in the darkness and night,
but it is at my darkest that I feel a fresh air.
Airless I'm shaking in anticipation,
as light starts to shake of the shadow.
Shadows flee in the presence of light,
light are my burdens, mere vapors my fears,
fearful I fall to my knees and cry out:
"Who are you, liberator, say it out loud!"
Loudly, he whispers the answer to me:
"I am who I am, and forever will be,
forever and ever, my child come with me."
"I am who I am and forever will be,
 for now and for always, my child you will be."